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need to make my mind more active in a productive way

Going to try to make myself write more blogs.  I no longer believe Facebook is a good outlet for my thoughts.  Too much drama and too much judgement.  I would rather spend my time on here anyway.  No limitations on what I can or cannot say.


Stay tuned for product reviews and random craziness from my overactive mind.


Nothing more than feelings…….

I love drinking my coffee at my dining table, while the scent of jasmine is carried through the window by the spring breeze.  

I feel proud as I walk through my maturing vegetable garden knowing that the plants are thriving because of the care I’ve provided.  

I have a sense of accomplishment seeing my dogs grow up and turn from crazy, rambunctious puppies into well-behaved well-adjusted dogs.

I feel at ease when I sit back in comfort in my house that has become our home.  

I feel loved knowing that I can be 100% unfiltered Vickie and my boyfriend is still sticking around after almost 7 years.

I feel strong looking back on all that I have overcame and realizing that I’m still standing.

I feel pride in knowing that people are inspired by my struggle.