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Homemade body scrub


So after having a series of medical issues that kept complicating each other, I had a really ugly rash and patches of severely dry skin on my arms, chest and face. Totally not cute especially in the middle of summer in Northern California!!  Of course, my skin is super sensitive (my face especially!) and I can’t tolerate a lot of the products on the store shelves.

I ran across a sugar scrub basic recipe on Pinterest and added my own twist to it! (Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!)

Brown Sugar Coconut Oil Body Scrub

2cups Brown sugar

1cup Coconut Oil

Fresh mint leaves (my twist but you can use essential oils or extracts) optional

(To make a creamier scrub add a cup of lotion)

1)Mix all ingredients

2)Store in airtight container

(The picture of the scrub in the bowl shows after everything is mixed together. The oil was in a liquid state when I mixed it so it looked really soupy.  Letting it sit in the fridge or freezer for a little while helps thicken it up.  Either form is good to use. Mine is always soupy because I leave it in the shower and I live in a warm climate)