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Stepped away from writing for a while …

Recently, I’ve been using some of my other creative outlets to focus on instead of my writing.  I was starting to sound like I was whining when I would read my posts before publishing. I needed to step away from the tablet for a while.

While I was away, I found motivation to get back into my jewelry making and dreamcatchers from Pinterest. ( I even got my hubby to catch the Pinterest bug and now he’s an aspiring wood worker!) 

I’ve been a busy little creative bee. I even made enough items to feel confident enough to set up an Etsy page. I spent a lot of time in taking good photos of my projects and making sure I looked mostly professional.  (And for me to have the guts to go public with my creations took more strength than most will realize.)  I even made a Facebook business page so that I wouldn’t flood my personal page with trying to hock my wares.

I wish I could say it was all an amazingly healing experience, but you can’t grow from anything comfortable.

Making the crafts, putting together the pages, and all that goes with that was amazing. I felt so good about myself. I did a “test run” of going public. I added just a couple of people to check out the FB page and give me feedback. The people I added first were, of course, my besties and a couple people that I had made jewelry for in the past when I was just starting out.

All but one person had great things to say. This one person (who I had made a lot of jewelry for in the past) made one of those “subliminal, talking shit while hiding behind a keyboard posts.” 

“Feeling like some one is full of themselves. No one cares and your work is disgusting.” (When her profile picture is one of her wearing an elaborate pair of feather and chain earrings I made.)

At first, I was devastated. And felt a little betrayed. Here was someone that, when my work was free, was anxious to get my earrings and couldn’t wait to wear them. Now that I’m trying to put myself out there and possibly make some spare change, my work is disgusting.

Thankfully, I have my besties to set my mind back to positive thinking and got me to realize that she was envious about me doing something to better myself with one of my skills.

I’m over that moment now, but it feels good to speak about it. It was a learning experience. I know I’m far too trusting and sometimes give people too much of a benefit of the doubt. Not everyone is going to be cool with you to be a friend. Some will be just cool enough to be able to see what you’re up to.

I’m still creating and actually just started on a series of dreamcatchers inspired by my pomegranate tree. Those will be up on my page soon. 

If any of you would like to check out my creations, feel free to search for my page on Etsy. My shop name is TreasuresByVix. I’ll add a link, too.

Thanks for reading!